About Us

Bonnie Spring, Ph.D

Bonnie Spring Dr. Spring is Professor of Preventive Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Public Health at Northwestern University and Director of the Center for Behavior and Health - Institute for Public Health and Medicine. She also serves as Team Science Director for NUCATS, Northwestern’s CTSI, and Co-Leader for the Cancer Prevention Program. Dr. Spring’s research program, continuously funded for more than 30 years, incorporates interdisciplinary teams that develop, test, and disseminate technology-supported interventions to promote healthy behavior change in diet, physical activity, and smoking. A past president of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, winner of its Research to Practice Translation and Distinguished Research Mentor Awards, and founding editor of Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research, she also chaired the interdisciplinary National Institute Health (NIH)-sponsored Councils on Team Science and on Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice.

Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D.

Holly Falk-Krzesinski Dr. Falk-Krzesinski is the Vice President for Global Academic & Research Relations at Elsevier. Prior to her position there, she was the Director of Research Team Support & Development at Northwestern University where she led initiatives related to research development, grantsmanship, and team science. Her interests focus on translating empirical research findings about team science into evidence-based effective practices. Through her leadership with the Annual International Science of Team Science Conference, Falk-Krzesinski has been instrumental in developing a strong community of practice for team science and interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Arlen Moller, Ph.D.

Dr. Arlen Moller Dr. Moller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His research is focused on applying and advancing theories related to behavioral health and wellness. His work involves leveraging principles from social psychology and human motivation, as well as game design, financial incentives, social networks, and technology. One defining feature of Dr. Moller’s research is seeking out and coordinating team collaborations, often with colleagues from disciplines outside of psychology (e.g., in design, engineering, computer sciences, and informational technology and management).

Angela Pfammatter, Ph.D.

Angela Pfammatter Dr. Pfammatter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine, a Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist, and Faculty in the Team Science Program. Dr. Pfammatter’s wide range of interests is centered around exploring the optimization of health behavior change to treat and prevent chronic conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. She also facilitates team science workshops and consultations to support multidisciplinary research teams in creating and sustaining fruitful and enjoyable collaborations.

Katya Klyachko, Ph.D.

Katya Klyachko Dr. Klyachko is a program administrator for the Team Science Program in the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS). The main focus of her work is to support NUCATS researchers in the development of multidisciplinary research teams.  She programs workshops to facilitate team development and provides training to maximize team efficiency and effectiveness. Prior to joining NUCATS, Dr. Klyachko organized and managed multidisciplinary research programs at the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute of Northwestern University Medical School. 

Phillip Rak, MBA

Phillip Rak Phillip’s primary role as Team Science Project Manager is to guide the Team Science Program’s technology initiatives. Phillip has spent many years in a blended role as a web developer and project manager. He is applying his passion for analyzing legacy applications and bringing them into the 21st century as he guides technology initiatives for updating and developing e-learning resources for Team Science education.